Signing up for notifications are broken for almost every website. You receive them when you don't want them, you get spammed by too many notifications and won't notice the important notifications. Unsubscribing is way too hard for most people.

It's time for a better opt-in notification system! Your crypto positions decide the order of your notifications.

Web3 Notifications

Web3 communities are popping up and growing at an incredible rate. From building new decentralised finance platforms to participating massive in-game on chain economies, the Web3 cycle will challenge the old established way. We challenge the old Web2 notifications!

You are in full control

You decide at which time of the day you want to receive notifications and which notifications need you immediate attention. We classify notifications with the following labels:

🚨 Security
👤 Personal
🚀 Launch
👤 Vote
🗳 General

Protect your attention span

The biggest danger for your attention span are constant notifications. We protect your attention span and advice how to handle notifications in a sane way.

Only community members get notifications

People join and leave communities and our solution automatically ensures people don't get notifications anymore if they leave your community

Decide your notification channels

Some prefer mail notifications, others telegram messages, however you are in control how you will receive the notifications. Like we said, you are in full control!

Web push notification 3.0

Web push notifications are easy to subscribe to, but complicated to unsubscribe unfortunately. We fix this in an easy way where you can unsubscribe without going into your browser settings.

Notification/Summary emails

Too many general notifications are no problem for us. We summarize the notifications and send them by mail so you keep your oversight and attention span.

Telegram notification messages

You hate web push and mail notifications, no problem. We send Telegram notification messages as well!